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If you own and/or operate cranes and lifting equipment, you have some obligations under OSHA law. GCI can help you meet those obligations by performing inspection/certification of your equipment in accordance with OSHA, state and industry standards.

While it is your responsibility to manage the day-to-day maintenance of the equipment and perform (and document) daily and monthly inspections, a thorough periodic inspection by trained and competent inspectors can point out developing or hidden issues and give you the chance to have them corrected before they become a safety or productivity issue - a crane stuck in air with the operator, rigger, signalman and maybe subcontractors standing around waiting, all still getting paid, is probably not the situation you want to be in.

Since we only provide inspections (no maintenance and repair), we provide a completely unbiased inspection of your equipment. e.g. We don't perform repairs on your equipment and then inspect our own work. Nor will we provide a long list of discrepancies on your equipment in hopes of also getting the job of correcting them. 

Insurance companies like third party inspections.  It's an independent assessment of your equipment, the maintenance performed on it, and your safety program.

Since OSHA requires an annual comprehensive inspection, it is a deductible expense for your business.

Third party inspections are an integral part of a complete safety program and safety equals productivity. 

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Certified inspectors are based in Northern Idaho and central Montana allowing us to support customers in all of the Northwest and North central US.

Inspectors are nationally certified through the Crane Institute of America, an OSHA recognized third party certifying agency.  Rest assured our inspectors are trained, tested, and far exceed the experience requirements for certification.

 Certified Small Business - Woman owned - Family owned and operated - Employer of US military veterans

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